"wait, YOU DID THIS"

The Marauders and baby Harry This kinda made me sad because it starts with Harry at age This could have happened if not for Voldemort. But it is also really funny

Jealousy by julvett.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Ah, I'm two days late I did this incredibly stupid series of drawings in honor of Snape's birthday. It was actually inspired by a conversation I had with my friend, randomneses, and we were wonderi.

What happen after the War? This blog is for all those people who needed more after the end of the...

Victoire was surprisingly like her Aunt Hermione. She was a Gryffindor with the brain of a Ravenclaw, very curious, horrid at Quidditch, and married her best friend. Requested by ‘ Mallory’


James and Lily part 3 Lilly initiated the first kiss, just to keep up the act. But then she realised that she kinda liked it.

Education probably happened

Education probably happened<< Education? I don't think that ever happened with giant monsters, death, and a war going on left and right.

I thought this was already an established fact about the Hogwarts houses? But if not, it should be!

And that explains why Ravenclaw is an Eagle. Shouldn't it be a raven for RAVENclaw<< that. We were always confused why it wasn't a raven, but it would make sense if Ravenclaw's patronus was an eagle.