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Just this girl — Shhh… i’m not quite there yet… ~sleepy smirk~

Your Coffee Guru is dedicated to all things coffee and coffee related. Here you'll find pictures of fresh brews, fancy mugs and.

This morning, I drank water because it's healthy...warmed up...and poured over coffee grounds, in a mug. COFFEE. I drank coffee.

This morning I drank water because it’s healthy…warmed up…and poured over coffee grounds. I drank coffee.

Books --

"Man does not live by books alone. He needs coffee too." True, but I am just as addicted to books!

In a relationship with coffee.  If I had a Facebook this is what it would totally say......probably forever.

In a relationship with coffee. We're currently long distance since I live with my Mormon aunt and she doesn't approve of our relationship.:( miss ya babe;

I showed this to my hubby and he said "that's literally you" hahahaha

If I was coffee, you could drink me into your heart. I would make your heart pound heavily,and give you a spring in your step,you could see a day as a fresh start and enjoy every sunrise and sunset.

I'm your man. #suppresso #screwlove #coffeeisallyouneed

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