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LoL I love Eren's face there at that end!! XD Hahaha~ Sucks for you, Jean! >:P ...I don't think you would want to see Mikasa naked, anyways... Her abs are scary. >w>

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wildmansters: “ On the eve of this dumb post getting notes, I offer to you another badly made gif.

Don't worry Levi I'll be your first!

Don't worry Levi I'll be your first!>>> along with 1000 million other fan girls

Woah... Umm... well... well then... I'll just go over here and umm... try not to die laughing... *weeps and mumbles* The internet is so wonderful... *eyes sparkle*

well then. try not to die laughing. *weeps and mumbles* The internet is so wonderful. *eyes sparkle* ~ Attack on titan

noo XDDD

In yo face Mikasa!no offense to the eren x mikasa shippers,but i ship eren x levi! <<<< yesss Eren x Levi for life, at first I was like ew Mikasa and Eren, no but then Levi saved this art.