Dirigible airships compared with related aerostats, from a turn of the century encyclopedia


This type of airship could be made with Christmas ornaments and a wooden pirate ship base

L'homme de fer au chapeau-Babel

braintower Kazuhiko Nakamura was born in Hyogo, Japan in He was greatly influenced by surrealism and cyberpunk styles of art when he was young. He earns his living as a designer in Tokyo.

Teuloan Royal Airship on the way to the unknown by ~Matchack

Hey all At some point you just gotta paint a steampunkish airship Here's a crown jewel of royal teuloan navy - The Chimera Here princess Leiandra flees . Teuloan Royal Airship on the way to the unknown

Spaceship / Ian McQue | AA13 – blog – Inspiration – Design – Architecture – Photographie – Art

Spaceship / Ian McQue

IAN McQUEStill looking for inspiration this friday? Perhaps you should have a look at our second inspiration pick,Ian McQue, an artist currently working for Rocksta

steampunktendencies: “Flying dutchman by Alex Painter ”

steampunktendencies: Flying dutchman by Alex...