King's Road, 1960s

Vintage Street Style Pictures - Trend Inspiration Looking off into the distance thoughtfully (and mod outfits) have been street style musts for decades.

Paris, 3rd June 1906 -two well-dressed women stand in the streets of the French capital on the same day       The Parisian images were taken during Sambourne’s trip to the French capital in 1906.   Read more:

Edwardian street style: Astonishing amateur images which capture the fashion of women in London and Paris over a century ago

David “Chim” Seymour. Dancing in the streets, Paris, 1953.    [::SemAp::]

liquidnight: “David Seymour Dancing in the streets Paris, 1953 [via Le Clown Lyrique] ”

Patrice Molinard, Notre Dame, Paris, 1950s

Notre Dame Paris Photo: Patrice Molinard Notice most of the momuments of Paris were not yet cleaned