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21 Things Introverts Love - I'll go if I don't have to talk. (or rather only have one person that I have to talk to)

Yep.  But whatever they think is fine with me, it suits my purpose - bwa-hahaha!  #introvert #INTJ

Introvert Problem Your thought are interrupted by the realization that people have walked into the space you were staring into, and they probably think you're staring at them. ALL THE TIME.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A MILLION TIMES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate small talk so God awful much! Talk to me about death, childhood experiences, your perception of the meaning of life.anything but idle chit chat!

when I become energized...look out! I am a great ball of fire!! Leaps and bounds; a petting zoo...tee he he he

27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand

Mental Health: Introverts - Gains Energy and Renewal from Time Spent Alone - Majority of People are Introverted vs Extroverted - 27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand - Article provides Humored Truths for Many - A little Balance is Key though.

This is accurate indeed. I try with everything I have got to save a relationship... At one point for years. That person ignored my attempts, took my heartfelt letters and shared bits and pieces, twisted my words and added in falsities. The result was destruction of my reputation among some of my family as well as others who did not even know me. In the end walking away was all I could do. Sad, but true.

Is it possible to return to a relationship with INFJ the door slam? what are the conditions for a return to this relationship?