I like the colors of this one and the way the material seems to flow.

In the sky by Sonia Verdú SoniaVerdu_This is an illustration for my book "Hechizo" It takes place in medieval times. In search of an answer, desperate, she goes almost up to the sky.

Violet Flame

Morgian, daughter of Modi, goddess of magic and queen of witches

Victoria Frances

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Victoria Frances for fans of Victoria Francés images.

Fantasy Digital Paintings by Sonia Verdu

Fantasy Digital Paintings by Sonia Verdu

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Emily Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Madam_Valkyrie. Find other Emily pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and video ho.

Dancing in the desert

Kayt Jones UK Harpers Bazaar January 2009 Flight of Fantasy Photography: Kayt Jones Styling: Nathalie Riddle Model: Anne-Marie Van Dijk This skirt(:

Image By MySolitaryGround

Coventia the River goddess, whose cult was centered at a temple in Carrawburgh/ Northumberland. Her image was shown three-bodied, carrying and pouring water-jugs. The Celtic (Britain) goddess of water and springs.


White Fairy Photo: A white fairy with white wings. This Photo was uploaded by SoundOfIsrael