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Watched the last episode of the 11th last night:( good picture.

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Watched the last episode of the last night:( good picture.

That last picture made me laugh so hard.

Beth on

Best thing EVER. I will be alive in and my name is Julia.

Story of my life.  My imaginary life, unfortunately...

aww I'm not really that big of a doctor who fan but this is really cool. the person who wrote the comment should be an author for a book that'd be so cool<<not in the fandom, got friends that are tho, and this made my heart break

Yep, been there done that :) reality bites lol!

Funny Apology Ecard: Once upon a time, I tried to be normal. But I snapped out of it when the commercial ended and Doctor Who came back on.


The internet will always have proof of the day the Doctor checked out Sherlock. (Both Karen and Benedict are gorgeous. Can't say I blame him/them!

How to build your own Tardis!!! ~Doctor Who

How to build your own Tardis. Maybe my dad could help with this project?


"Non-nerds don't apologize for being dickheads." I love you, John Barrowman.<-- Thank you John Barrowman <---Love this guy! <--- i dont even know who he is, and i still think he is awesome


Funny pictures about Dalek's true love. Oh, and cool pics about Dalek's true love. Also, Dalek's true love.