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this painting will not be having any of your shit (you think this is a fucking game?

What if I just give every boy yellow roses

The salmon desires you. Im pinning this for two reasons, one guys know the rose color meanings and be thats just weirdly funny

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"Two bald eagles in air battle crash-land at airport. Dude these two eagles were fighting mid-air and got stuck. They crash landed at an airport and both survived. How hardcore is that? Look at their faces though. Its like 'I swear to GAWD Jerry' "

This is hilarious!

He chose wisely…

Funny pictures about He chose wisely. Oh, and cool pics about He chose wisely. Also, He chose wisely.


Satan pls

Just laughed sooooo hard! So much sass!<<<<< the judge just looks tired of Satans shit right now<<<<< that book ratchet

This kid... I like him << How did he get cigarettes?

Revenge is a dish best served cold

This is how you truly OWN your enemies who have a bad habit.Too funny!

I laughed harder than I probably should have at this. IT IS FANTASTIC

Drinking Coffee

This made me laugh so hard, when will these comic book artists learn!---> I literally sit like this all the time minus the coffee cup