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"Me basta mirarte, para saber que con vos me voy a empapar el alma". Julio Cortázar All I have to do is to look at you to know that with you I am going to soak my soul” Julio

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, brilliant writer, says here that we must do things even if feel as if dying of fear because otherwise we will regret the things we didn't do. Most people regret on their death beds the things they didn't do.

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Happiness is achieved when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

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Pablo Neruda "All the love will suddenly come to me when I am sad and feel you are far away.

" El que no está dispuesto a perderlo todo, no está preparado para ganar nada" #frases #citas #facundocabral

"El que no está dispuesto a perderlo todo no está preparado para ganar nada".