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blonde hair blue eyes crown elsa (frozen) eyes face frozen (disney) hair bun hair up lips solo upper body yang-do


i love how its got very little color and it still looks great! plus, this is Elsa in the modern world


artist name bare shoulders blue dress blue eyes dress elsa (frozen) eyelashes eyeshadow frozen (disney) glitter gradient gradient background hair ornament lipstick loina long hair makeup red lipstick signature smile smirk snowflakes solo sparkle stra

"Sempre me fazes feliz quando estou triste" Elsa. "Obrigada pela tua amizade"

Read Chapter one : school from the story Mean girls/ jelsa by with 109 reads.Elsa 's POV Elsa: Anna wake up we have to go to school in a little.

Posted by: sakata-nodoka @ Tumblr

Elsa ~ I wish instead of her braid,she could've let down all of her hair! And at the tips of each peice,there would be tiny beautiful snowflake crystals!