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12 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Go After Your Wildest Goals

Do you have a clear sense of direction and specific goals or do you wander through life hoping that things will turned out just fine?

what lunch break should look like

Have you ever been camping? I went camping a lot when I was younger. My mom's friends loved camping so we always took trips together.

Rachel Carson on instilling wonder in children

Rachel Carson was a scientist, ecologist and writer who helped start the environmentalism movement with her book Silent Spring, published in Inspired to appreciate the natural.


Sky Walking, Mount Nimbus, British Columbia, Canada – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

bright-glowing-embers: Lets Explore This Beautiful World...


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Seri As a Man Thinketh : Keheningan

Seri As a Man Thinketh : Keheningan


A campfire illuminating the night sky in the forest amongst the tall trees that point to the stars. A wonderful camping spot and photography.

Living with Adult ADHD isn't always fun. On the other hand, sometimes it's a lot of fun. But making up your mind is the hard part and that is why I think mindfulness is great for Adult ADHD if you “suffer” from it.  Picture a regular person on a Monday morning.  They wake up, they are late for work, they take a shower, grab their keys, and out the door they go, making it work just in time. Now their brain on ADHD.  They wake up, they decide if they want to get out of bed, they look at the…

Mindfulness and Adult ADHD - And How To S.T.O.P

Discover the 5 best crystals for meditation and why you should have them in your meditation and healing kit. Enhance your meditation easily and effectively.