Explore Silver Foxes, Coat, and more!

Silver fox by Matt Knoth. Isn't he beautiful. I would love everyone to remember that he looks way better in his coat than they ever will.

21 More Amazing Animal Photos: A particularly majestic-looking silver fox (photo by Matt Knoth).

Red Fox by Ivan Kislov

Russian Miner Spends His Breaks Taking Photos Of Foxes In The Arctic Circle

Such a gorgeous coloured fox! I could look at pictures of foxes for hours.and half white half red

So adorable! Love the snow covered no see e...

So adorable! Love the snow covered no see e...

Foxes are naturally platonic animals who mate for life, that's why I love them.

Funny Wildlife, wonderous-world: Red Fox by Daniel Parent. only in nature can you find the most beautiful colors.

Gorgeous Fox

Not an arctic fox, but a marble-phase red fox (Vulpes vulpes), a color morph only found in captive bred foxes.

zorros achuchables y gorditos

“The foxes at Zao Kitsune Village are friendly so you can enjoy their fluffiness from really close up!” - Those are some fat foxes.


Mafia fox -- "So, we're gonna put a hit on rabbit, see, and then mouse gets it next. You in bugsie?