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Dogwalkers by Blackunicorn777.deviantart.com on @deviantART

YOU HAVE GOT TO FULL VIEW THIS! And go check out the closeups! Close ups of each of them can be found here: Remus: Tonks: Sirius: Fernwithy requested that I draw this scene from her wonderful fic S.

"bellatrix lestrange" |  by pseudolirium on DeviantArt (inactive account)

Helena Bonham Carter was absolutely perfect as Bellatrix, but I love when artists stick with how they imagined the characters before they saw the movies.

Flowers by puking-pastilles on @DeviantArt

Flowers by puking-pastilles on @DeviantArt

Surprise, Remus by burdge-bug

In this drawing, Remus is getting to Grimmauld place after a really long assignment or something. So, poor remus here thought he& just get a little hug in greeting.