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I love my Sun sign! Scorpio <3

Scorpio escaping from the world.- thank you Internet for justifying my life. Yep this is my life. I need space to recharge and create myself a life detox!

When we angry ....WE ANGRY....our tongues escape prison and start mudering hearts and the ens our tongues surrender and feel guilty. ....

Scorpios are truth sayers. If their words hurt you, perhaps it's because you don't like the truth about yourself.

#Scorpio #Zodiac #Astrology #Quote Posted on Facebook page The Scorpio Evolution:

#Scorpio #Zodiac #Astrology #Quote Posted on Facebook page The Scorpio Evolution:

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SCORPIO: Reputed to be the most powerful sign of the zodiac, Scorpios lead fate filled lives an...

Scorpio, reputed to be the 'most powerful' sign of the zodiac, they lead fate filled lived and have intense and dramatic personal relationships

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That last part is só true i lost sight of what was importante and lost it all

I'm a Scorpio and it's my birthday

💜♏️ It's Scorpio Season. Keep Calm Cause I'm an November Baby. Keep Calm November Babies are the Best!

haha yeah, they're sure as hell are lucky if scorpios love 'em.

I am lucky! Word of Warning: If YOU are also & never forget that nor treat the Scorpio Man& love as a casual possession. To securely hold the affections of this strong, loyal and understanding man is a gift - a cherished treasure.

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well i certainly think so, though, it's not as if he was going anywhere, lol. he has his lock on my heart, and he means to keep it. - What a nice sentence. i should find a Scorpio guy 😁