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Amazing eye drawing done with colored pencils.beautiful and intricate, very real life looking.

For some reason I'm drawing a lot of eyes like for close ups of faces and things like that

The tiniest detail can make a drawing stand out. Just awesome ! Hyperrealism hyperrealism hyper realism realist sketch illustration of an eye emerald green iris

Crayola Ocean Iris (Awesome, awesome!!) #AwesomeDrawings

Crayola Ocean Iris (Awesome, awesome!!) #AwesomeDrawings

Wow, just amazing.

This drawing of 'Golden Eye' by Daria Dzyuba is amazing! He has just used 4 colours (dark yellow, light brown, dark brown and black) and HB mechanical pencil. For the brightness of the eye he has used a rubber and white gouache.

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Crying eye pencil drawing I like eye's and how different people interpret eyes because you can tell a lot by what same one is feeling in there eyes

'Tears are words the heart can't say' By Emmy Kalia

Imagine being able to draw like this! Emmy Kalia -Drawing a realistic eye with a teardrop - Faber Castell graphite pencils

awesome cute disney pencil drawings - Google Search...

cute disney pencil drawings - Google Search

The use of colours and blending between the colours makes the eyes stand out and become the focal point for the work, it also provides a very life like view.

It looks so realistic

Amazing eye pencil drawing, -- just pencil as a sample procedure can make a masterpiece one. This is the type of quality I hope to achieve and strive for.