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mylittle-studyblr: we tried to revise in. mylittle-studyblr: “we tried to revise in Starbucks myrevisiondiary iii-xii ”

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sudoingstuff: “Essay due in two days! Really gotta hustle ✨ ” so prettttty

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coffeedict: “ May 2016 // Day Studied with a bunch of friends today! Although we got kicked out of coffeebean (smh, it wasnt even peak period or a weekend), I’m glad we studied at the grass.

I will never stop doing this even though I know it's incredibly counter-productive.  #TypeA

study motivation (side note: studying at 2 am probably isn't the healthiest life choice)

Is it too early in the morning for this? LOVE STUDY

sinczerely: “ Is it too early in the morning for this? I went to bed with a sense of doom but just woke up now with an optimistic vision of my week. I will be visiting home in a long three days from.


acambridgestudent: “FRIDAY AFTERNOONS: This term, my weekly supervisions are on a Friday at This means that my week revolves around one hour (or usually two) of intense one-on-one contact time.

I am ready to study for my geometry exam!!

M&M’s, a big cup of tea and listening some beatiful Oasis song. I am ready to study for my geometry exam!

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A cup of coffee on your laptop. This is what my desk looks like exept for the coffee on the computer

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nikkisnotes: “ kicking the day off with productivity (and yummy overnight oats)! my first class starts at so i might as well squeeze some reading and note-taking into my morning.