Don't waste your precious time gossiping or regretting the past or in negative thoughts or in worrying about things beyond your control. Better to convert your energy to what is positive in the present.

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This was going to be a really well executed hilarious drawing but instead I have decided to eat a mango and go swimming.

This is my motto for life. If I could stay home and do artsy fartsy things AND make a living at it, my life would be complete.

It's a peaceful place to be in life. Bouvier LOVE this quote. I care about your beautiful things :)

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Some days you win. and some days you get your soul pureed & served to you in a melancholy milkshake.

{Words to live by}

{Words to live by

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A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. A beautiful adage anyone can apply to their life, not just sailors!

☑️Building My Empire

Single, taken, or building your empire?<<< well, technically I'm currently planning world domination, but same thing right?


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