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FMA: brotherhood episode 2 edit by ( Schoenfeld Schoenfeld?) My all time favorite scene. I giggle like a maniac every time I watch/read it.

Tags: Anime, Rain, ONE PIECE, Monkey D. Luffy, Rain Coat, Hood, Trafalgar Law

Monkey D. Luffy finds Trafalgar D. Water Law cat in the rain One piece

I was thinking, "ok, this is kind of cute," but then I saw Sabo and Koala (left column, middle row) and I officially had to pin this.

Nami Chopper

Nami Tony Tony Chopper Straw Hat Crew Pirates Mugiwaras One Piece

Doflamingo xD from the One Piece anime http://anime.about.com/od/One-Piece-Anime/fl/Where-to-Watch-One-Piece-Anime-Episodes-Online-for-Free.htm

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