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Peaceful garden park relax landscape architecture The University of Aarhus, which dates from is a unique and coherent university campus with consistent architecture, homogenous use of .

Minimalism to the max: Elegant, structured outdoor spaces are anything but austere when combined with lush, statement greenery. Tim Richardson reveals a generous new approach to geometric garden design

Minimalism to the max

A minimalist garden by Luciano Giubbilei in Chelsea that combines an Italian sense of spatial proportion with understated style minimal gardens

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Chelsea The Telegraph garden Tommaso del Buono and Paul Gazerwitz. Pinned for project by Kingsbury Garden Designs

13 Stunning Garden Allées | Architectural Digest

13 Stunning Garden Allées

The late landscape architect Dan Kiley’s grounds at Miller House and Garden, in Columbus, Indiana, are an example of early-modernist garden design.

simple pergolas over light stone terrace

Echo of exposed structure from breezeway to guide entrance around side of house (ignore plans, path and materials! Option instead of side entrance

Long, staggered pavers lead the eye deeper into the garden.

Long, staggered pavers lead the eye deeper into the garden. Lots of understory trees!

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