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The best part of loving is not wishing that the person loves you as much as you do but in feeling that you love the person far more than you thought you could.

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I've never been so happy

love couple Black and White happiness smile hugs smiling laughing black and white couple black and white love couple laughing

#Between the #Devil and the #Deep, Part 3 (Photo (c) kiaarax.  The axe fell and Jake was extremely fortunate though suffering a good deal of survivor’s guilt. He saw three good friends let go along with many less tenured personnel at Carson & Rand, but he had been promoted to fill a new slot at the company...  #amwriting #flash #fiction #fantasy #wip #man #mermaid #mythology #Poseidon

Between the Devil and the Deep, Part 3

TT - Somehow I can feel the gentleness through this photo - love the backdrop too. X

9 Signs You've Found The Man You Should Make Your Husband

Most couples feel the spark fade the longer they've been together. Here are some easy ways for you to rekindle your romance and keep communication open in your relationship.

Adorable but silly pic...I love this.

I want this to be us for the next 5 years. Road trips all the time. Cheap motels, mom and pop shops, star gazing, skinny dipping and an unbreakable bond.

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not: Thompson Square

Thompson Square Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not. The song that was playing when we kissed for the first time!

Hay un lugar.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

20 Powerful 'I Love You' Quotes That Get Straight To The Heart

This feeling.this moment. you and me laying on the bed laughing and smiling. days like today # happylovebliss

reaching out to hold my hand when I need an extra boost of confidence..

I love this. Reminds me of Anthony and I in so many ways. "I pinky promise to love you forever and for always.

Why sex is for marriage ONLY & 8 benefits of waiting

Why sex is for marriage ONLY & 8 benefits of waiting.

Why sex is for marriage ONLY & 8 benefits of waiting. Pinning this for my younger sister (and possible future daughters) to read hoping she will be enlightened and choose to do the right thing through Christ.

Alan Jackson - Remember When

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Cute way to celebrate your years together :)))

Every anniversary, take a picture with last year's photo. Imagine what it will look like in 50 years! Take one year anniversary picture holding a wedding picture.