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This is seriously the most precious thing in the all of ever.

Harry Styles' fact<<good that's really good cuz since I'm gonna marry him he's gotta be able to take care of the bugs in my house I ain't doin that

"can you just imagine a world with just no music? it would suck and I'd still be a baker" --> his face right here is just a sweet little pudding pop I am crying

Imagine: Harold talking about if would have never been in one direction he would have still been a baker

NakedTommo: u like cock? PrettyinStyles: I enjoy chickens, but I am a vegetarian. Or where Harry meets a very strange man on kik who li.

why isn’t there a way to shrink him to pocket size and mass produce so we can carry him around at all times?science you are failing me

(GIF) just take a minute to admire him imean look at how his face lights up and those big jade eyes and the dimples and ahhhg

Okay this hair style is growing on me but if I had to chose I would not pick this. But still kinda hot:) {GIF}

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