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Muramasa Kudo - cat and wasp

nobrashfestivity: Muramasa Kudo Cat and Wasp Gold Leaf & acrylic on canvas mumblr

Maneki LOLneko - The Lucky Cat Project #GrumpyCat #NyanCat #ManekiNeko

I am Dann Matthews (of Dann Designs) Here, I intend to add a new Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko) design every weekday.

black cat” by Muramasa KudoKudou Muramasa (1948-) | @X_U_berant @isp44 rt @johnwwilbanks #art

Connie Handscomb on

Beautiful simplicity and exquisite balance in this painting. Cat and Wasp. By Muramasa Kudo, Japan. Gold Leaf & acrylic on canvas.

Cats in History: Chinese Truth and Mythology

The Myths and Domestication of Cats in Chinese History

The Chinese cat goddess Li Shou was worshiped by farmers as a goddess of fertility. Sacrifices were made to her in exchange for her pest control, for favorable rainfall, and for success with their crops.


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