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Colourful piece of furniture made of wood and Formica. It can be used as a chair, a table or a shelf.

Colourful piece of kids furniture made of wood and Formica. Use das seats, shelves, tables.

Flexible or multifunctional objects have always been appreciated and remain a hot favorite among customers. Da-Bloom, which resembles a blooming flower in motion, is a similar utility furniture tha...

Da-Bloom: Design your furniture as you like

Cloud, by LORENS Architectural & Design Studio, is not just any typical desk. It actually functions as a desk or a table and looks great in any room of the house. The arrangement and number of the hexagon-shaped segments can be changed up depending on what you need in a desk or table.


Unique Desk Designs Creative Honeycomb Desk For Home And Office: Home Office Desk From Warsaw 2 Best Picture 01

Kinderstuhl dreikäsehoch

Kinderstuhl dreikäsehoch