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Stickers by Elentori. Removable, waterproof and extremely awesome. All sizes have / white borders.

s what Emma, the main character of my novel feels thinking of her lost friend: Too many fragments of my heart lie between your footprints. I will sweep them off your way until my fingers bleed.

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You want the moon? Just say the word and I& throw a lasso around it and pull it down. That& a pretty good idea. I& give you the moon.

Just because it's really nice and we'll done ^w^

An ancient power engulfed her. It started in the furthest reaches of her being. Slowly it spread higher and higher bringing light and warmth she had never known before.

My Creepypasta Hobo Heart---> Mr. Creepypasta Hobo Heart Playlist---> www.youtube.com/playlist?list=… "Hobo Heart Stitches" Listen to it narrated by the MCP---> www.youtube.com/...

Hobo's stories---> Hobo Heart Stitches Creepypasta Hobo Heart - Stitches It was a winter afternoon.

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She Plucked the strings of the universe to make the music of her soul<ooh. Could build a totally fascinating magic system off this.

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This is Shadow Night and she is She is a vampire and her parents died from being outside in sunlight. Don& be fooled by her cuteness because she flirts with you until you trust her and she kills you