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Walter Bomar, American Airlines – Jet Powered Electra Flagships, Lithograph, ca…

sci-fi-air-show | Orion Spaceplane

At Sci-Fi Air Show, the spacecraft of yesteryear are refurbished and displayed for awed audiences. The site is from an alternate dimension in which these spaceships existed. In other words, Stanley Kubrick really filmed 2001 in deep space.


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Travel The Fast Way by American Airlines Vintage travel posters

The latest from the Airline Passenger Experience Association, sharing aviation and passenger experience news from around the world.

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Main Image

Embarque de pasajeros en el hidroavión "Canopus" (Short Empire Flying Boat). Texto completo: 28 Hydroaviones Tipo "Imperio"; velocidad 320 kilometros por hora; Imperials Airways Europa Africa India Extremo-Oriente Australia

Imperial Airways, the predecessor to BOAC, which preceded British Airways. Short-Empire flying boats a contemporary of the Pan Am Clippers. To far-flung reaches of the Empire.