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Raised Cutting Board with Cutout

Raised Cutting Board with Cutout.buy cutting board-cut out section and add feet ta da

Finishing Oak Spoons - boiling to remove tannin

Finishing Oak Spoons - boiling to remove tannin - and the lovely tannin color on the water. use as dye :-D

Diese Hand geschnitzt Splash besteht aus amerikanischen Kirschholz und beendete mit mehreren fein polierte Schichten aus Polyurethan zu machen, so

Cherry Wood Splash Bowl 4 by DannyKamerath on Etsy. when checked on their site, found it was sold out.

#oak egg crate / West Elm > my girls' eggs deserve the very best!

Gorgeous oak wood egg crates from West Elm. Perfect for display of painted eggs, or as a serving tray for boiled eggs.

13. Black Walnut Cutting Board

13. Black Walnut Cutting Board

Cutting Board Black Walnut Cutting Board Walnut Brick Style End Grain Cutting Board How to Make a Wood Cutting Board Cypress Wood Serving Board DIY

Padouk Wood Splash Bowl. Very impressed with this design and craftsmanship.

Bois darc Wood Splash Bowl 1 by DannyKamerath on Etsy - Tom's Woodworking Shed

Wood knife.

Custom wood knives- any size and color and made for single serving options for dishes like dip and chips or multiple serving bowls .