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The Two-Headed Medieval Flail has done none of these, instead opting to add a second head.

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weapon // Peter Mason, Dagger with Damascus Blade, Bronze Guard, and African Blackwood Scales, Only Fine Knives

Funny pictures about Zombie apocalypse vehicle of choice. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie apocalypse vehicle of choice. Also, Zombie apocalypse vehicle of choice.

I post one picture from my up coming "recycling projects" in last winter. I start making heads for 6 different axes and maces soon after that, but don't find good time for making proper handles fro.

Medieval Weapons

Flails - The military flail or simply flail is a weapon commonly attributed to the Middle-Ages but for which only a limited amount of historical evidence currently exists for most of this era. Not a weapon to fuck up on.

Almost all my historical style axes, maces, flails and polearms in same photo montage: Hand axe from medieval battlefields. (Forged from old ball-pee.

Indian (mughal) shishpar (flanged mace), 17th century, made entirely of steel, head formed of nine flanges, below a domed finial, and a cylindrical haft with a Khanda sword type basket hilt. Overall length: 79 cm (31 in).

Indian (mughal) shishpar (flanged mace), century, made entirely of steel…

Last time when i made some shurikens was over five years ago and it was a quite nice job to make last week this darkened set of traditional 18 cm long bo-shurikens and senban-shurikens for one Finn.