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Never. He's one of the most inspirational and gorgeous men on the planet. Also he's the one and only Sass Master. Sassy Gerard is sassy. Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.

"The world is gonna try and clean you up, what you gonna do about it? They’re gonna try and make you pretty, what the fuck you gonna do about it? You’re gonna say I wanna stay ugly.

I WATCHED THAT VIDEO OWCH<< I'd die if Gerard offered me a high five

Oml when I watched this I got really mad; I would've so NOT ignored him especially after singing with him

True shit right there

True shit right there

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And Justin cried when someone threw a bottle at him. Sassy gerd is sassy XD

Hahaha...Gerard way  Gerard way and Mikey way  Sing glee sing mg chemical romance

Gerard way Gerard way and Mikey way Sing glee sing mg chemical romance<<< Lemon Gerard.


be careful.you might wake the wild gerard in his natural habitat.

No, never. To be quite honest, this picture literally oozes so much sarcasm that I'm surprised that he even managed to stay in that pose long enough to take the picture, but I would never doubt his skillz.

Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance>>>> my friend said she is the sass master but i was like "yeah whatever but you know Gerard Way is the Sass QUEEN!