ar-15 hunting rifle | ...

ar-15 hunting rifle | ...

ar-15 hunting rifle | would get black instead of FDE, but that's just me.

ar-15 hunting rifle | would get black instead of FDE, but that's just me.

ARs for Whitetails: Modern hunters want modern guns and the light-hitting .223 isn’t the only caliber offering for tactical rifles.

ARs for Whitetails

Modern deer hunters want modern guns, and several options exist in the AR rifle lineup that will work effectively for whitetail deer hunting.

AR - Beretta 1934 Grips

AR - Beretta 1934 Grips

AR-15 Scopes: Optics Ideas for AR-15 Rifles (FREE DOWNLOAD)  From AR-15 scopes with specialized reticles to fast-pointing red-dot scopes for AR-15s, there are literally hundreds of optics solutions with which to outfit your AR-15. This free download helps you figure out what scope option is best for your rifle.

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M&P 15 | AR-15 | Review

There’s innovation, and then there’s beating a dead horse. A few firearms have fallen into this latter category, like John Moses Browning’s 1911 design. At over 100 years old, the.

Rock River Arms AR-15 Cerakoted in Mudd Brown and Graphite Black  #cerakote #AR15 #Guns

Rock River Arms Cerakoted in Mudd Brown and Graphite Black That American flag is amazing

AR-15 Basics: A Guide to the AR-15 Platform by Gun Carrier at

Learn more about one of the most popular rifles, the This article focuses on the lower receiver & ammunition. Learn about gun parts here.

Digi Camo DuraCoated AR-15 | Vince Herrera

Win a custom Duracoated AR & Elzetta Lighting System at Knob Creek!

Magpul...even like the color

/ loaded with MagPull Accessories, a Surefire Light, and a Optic I am not sure of. I do love the bolt release on this rifle!

Which AR-15 Barrel is Right For You? (FREE DOWNLOAD)  This FREE download covers topics on AR 15 Bull Barrels, barrel materials and extensions, internal AR-15 barrel parts, rifling twist, the muzzle, gas ports, how to clean the barrel and using a bore guide to ensure you’re equipped with the proper know-how for all things AR-15.

AR15 Barrels: Bull, Nut, Extension, Length & Basics