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Where food, family and friends gather, Simply Gourmet: 257. Boozy Fruit Cake #TwelveLoaves

Boozy Fruit Cake #TwelveLoaves

I wish my mom would have left me her recipe. What I would give for a piece of her fruit cake.  I'm going to try this... See if it comes close.

BOOZY FRUITCAKE RECIPE - I imagine you& probably wondering - what is she doing posting about fruitcake? I mean, come on, it& fruit cake. A cake that we all *.

looking for a traditional fruit cake that i can age with brandy for several months

Fruit cake is the traditional British Christmas Cake that is full of fruit and nuts, laced with alcohol (usually brandy). With Demo Video

Fruitcake/ Make this 10 weeks ahead of Dec. 1(Sept. 14)

What recipe is more reminiscent of the holidays, greeting cards and ornaments than the ubiquitous fruitcake? Soaked in liquor or drenched in fruit syrup, c