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How cool is this! A team at the University of Bristol has used ultrasound to create three-dimensional shapes in mid-air that can be touched and seen.

Ultrasound creates a haptic shape that can be seen and felt

HYDR의 손 샤워의 도넛 / 토러스 모양은 또한 반으로 잘라 물 흐름을하는 데 도움이 단지 시각적으로 흥미로운 세부 사항이 아니다.  게다가, 그것은 HYDR의 벽에 장착 스탠드에 쉽게 도킹합니다.  이 상호 작용은 본질적으로 트리거 및 수류 떨어져 있으므로 히드이 위쪽으로 해제되는 경우, 흐름은 시작된다.  다시 아래로 넣어 순간은 물 흐름이 자동으로 중지됩니다.

The donut/torus shape of the Hydr’s hand shower is not just a visually interesting detail, it also helps cut water flow by half. Plus, it makes for easy docking on the Hydr’s wall mounted stand.

VR glass에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Design of brand new VR Glasses with integrated audio system, independent screens with high refreshing rate and low persistence, double HD cameras for augmented reality and even recording. A great immersion for video games, movies, augmented reali

Fisher Chrome Space Pen

Fisher Chrome Space Pen

closed and open. BRAND FACTS Paul Fisher developed the Fisher Space Pen in The pens w

The 'MooD' is a drone with a slightly different purpose, it’s meant for office environments, for places where team spirit and group dynamics are essential for a  company’s survival, it captures a human’s thermal map, knowing how they feel... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

Jjrc H20 4 Channel 2.4ghz 6 Asix Gyro Rc Quadcopter Nano Hexacopter Headless Mode RTF Drone Explorers 3d Flips Gold

This is a genius invention for prevention of the effect of pollution on our lungs. This seems like such a great thing but where will this go to die? #ewastepollution #ewastepollutiontostoppollution

Designed for use in urban areas with varying air quality, the Smart Mask takes the guess work out of knowing when to protect yourself. New technology