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Photo: A poison dart frog

New species of tadpole toting poison dart frog found in Ecuador news.


Fotógrafo apaixonado por sapos faz as imagens mais adoráveis e divertidas desses anfíbios

did-you-kno: “ Photographer Tanto Yensen takes unique photos of frogs during some of their most random, striking, and humorous moments. Source Source 2 All photos by Tanto Yensen ”

Bumble bee arrow frog or yellow-banded poison dart frog )Dendrobates leucomelas), native to Peru.

Bumble Bee Arrow Frog (Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog) - Dendrobates Leucomelas - Native to Peru

Strawberry Frog #photomanipulation

strawberry frog ~ species of small amphibian poison dart frog found in Central America - NOT! This isn't the real strawberry frog!


Male poison arrow frog (Dendrobates macero) by pbertner, Note: if you see frog this brightly colored, leave it alone!

Three-striped Poison-Frog (Ameerega trivittata) | by Lucas M. Bustamante

Three-striped Poison Frog (Ameerega trivittata) - one of the largest of the Poison Dart Frogs in the family Dendrobatidae, the Three-striped Poison Frog reaches - in length

Strawberry poison dart frog (dendrobates pumillio) Tree Climbing by *erezmarom.

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog - Tree Climbing by Erez Marom .he looks harmless.

Dendrobates galactonotus

Jus' hangin' out. Poison dart frog (Dendrobates galactonotus), Brazil by Jim Zuckerman