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Hanylou Baccarat <3

This fluffy and cute persian cat was this judges number 1 cat. Not too surprising, since persians usually do well and are popular in the cat show ring.

seal point persian kittens | Lilac Point Himalayan Kitten 12 weeks old

10+ Most Popular Flat Faced Cat Breeds in The World

TOY TRICKSY персидские и экзотические кошки persian exotic cats

The cattery of Persian and Exotic cats. The pictures of cats and kittens. Sale of show quality kittens. persian catteries in russia

Tea Cup Doll Face Himalayan | Will Teacup Cats Become a Disastrous Celebrity-Spawned Pet Trend ...

Interested in buying a Himalayan Persian Cat? Get an overview of this unique cat with a color point coat in our breed information guide.

ragdoll cat:  He looks like Oliver without the grey mask.  Sweet Ollie was a good kitty

the person I got this from quoted Aerosmith, saying Ragdoll. but this is an odd-looking Ragdoll.

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Yellowfang: Even though she is a Medicine Cat she was mates with Raggedstar and bore Brokenstar is secret. Yellowfang's mentor, blames herself for influencing and pressuring Yellowfang to be a Medicine Cat.


With her first salary, Virginia bought a cat. More specifically, she bought a Persian cat. Even though it created complications with her neighbors, she kept him as her company.