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“I can't be running back and fourth forever between grief and high delight.” ~ J D Salinger The painful process of grief can manifest itself a thousand times over throughout our day, but is more often than not found in the big changes that weave their.

And im done holding onto him..onto her. It would never work.

I hold onto the memories of our little family we used to have maybe if we didn't have roommates things would have turned out differently

I hate people. Why can't we be as honest with the living as we are with the dead?

Her heart stopped that Wednesday morning. And that was the only time people ever told her that they loved her, and misses her, and needed her. And maybe if they would have told her that when she was alive and needed it that she would still be there


this is my life. Black and white. no grey. love or hate all or nothing . "i either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights.

LIVING WITH COPD- Whats it like?

LIVING WITH COPD- Whats it like? – ‘Take action today, breathe better tomorrow’

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I can't take anymore

When the littlest thing goes wrong, it brings me to a bad place.reminds me of this black cloud that's been hovering over my life. Why can't I just see it as a speed bump.instead of as a complete failure? I'm loved by many, but feel empty. Hate this

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This is so me

Story of my life. I wish I could let people know how I actually feel, instead of faking it all the time. Think people underestimate IC & Fibro and how it makes me feel on daily basis

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