Oh Benedict Cumberbatch, crazy blue green eyes, cheekbones that could cut you, and mad acting talent.

#BenedictCumberbatch #those eyes #beautiful

I wonder how easily he tans, or if he's one of those people who just burn. He pulls off being pale so well, especially in combination with those eyes. *stares* *gets lost somewhere in their dreamy blue depths*

Benedict Cumberbatch. Someone told me that they don't understand why I find him attractive and that they thought he looked like an alien. And you know what? I realized that is an accurate statement. His face is a surreal combination of human and extraterrestrial. He is a breathtakingly beautiful alien.

Not sure exactly WHAT is so appealing. BUT he definitely is charismatic! Plays a brilliant villain in Star Trek. Much better than Ricardo Montalban (I had a crush on Mr Rourke, but disliked him with long hair.

Sherlock. http://pinterest.com/aggiedem/sherlock-addict/ http://pinterest.com/aggiedem/sherbatched-or-cumberlocked/

Idk if its his face or the fact that his shirt is slightly open so I can see his chest.

Well, I'm done.

Well, I'm done.


Seriously, who has time for a lot of friends? I would rather a few friends that I am close with than 1000 friends I know nothing about.


This there is a screen shot. That precious second after someone insults Sherlock.Or calls him freak. This is Benedict amazing acting coming through. The hurt when Sherlock is insulted. And John sees this.when no one else notices.


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