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Law is so adorable and precious.

This day is Birthday of Trafalgar Law! Happy Birthday for my favorite character of OnePiece >///< HBD LAW


Trafalgar D Water Law Corazon Cora-san Donqixote Rosinante One Piece


Reading a book to you - Trafalgar D. Water Law Donquixote Rocinante (Corazon) (Corasan, Cora-san) One Piece

Momente die ich mir wirklich wünschen würde,Ich meine,dass ace um die Ecke kommt und wieder lebt

I want this to happen,I can't accept the fact that he died😭

Monkey  D. Luffy  &  Monkey  D. Dragon. One piece OP

Dragon checking on Luffy I really want to know why Dragon left Luffy and gave him to gramps

Luffy x Law LOVE (ferra-rii: Ghost Corazon by 童子 Translation by...)

Cora and Law (ferra-rii: Ghost Corazon by 童子 Translation by.