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Swords and Poker Adventures bag designs, bryant Koshu on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/swords-and-poker-adventures-bag-designs

ArtStation - Swords and Poker Adventures bag designs, bryant Koshu

BCgOoVmErvg.jpg (1812×2048)

The Shield (Wisdom & Understanding (Wisdom = Collection(s) of Understandings)

magical items - Google Search

Aphrodite carried a girdle which contained magical powers that caused people to fall in love

Travelling Bag Concept by LongJh on DeviantArt

Some sort of fantasy travelling bag design. Had some fun throwing in random pouches and patchwork and stuff - to give it sort of a "hand-crafted" look.

I'm going to give Alnyca something like this for when she becomes queen of Vanettria.

The simurgh cape, the wearer can fly and also not only fire doesn’t harm them , like mana it recharges magical potential energy

tackle environments, but not all at once. play with pieces first. remember low-poly

it would probably be better to color verts and use one detail shader and several tiling shaders that can be reused throughout the scene. The Art of Brian Trochim - Environment Artist