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Ostara! If only my hand-eye coordination was that good!

These are beautiful - Ostara! Painted Easter eggs held a special meaning to people of the UK (United Kingdom)

Recipes for Your Ostara Celebration: Hot Cross Buns - Cross Quarter Buns

Recipes for Your Ostara Celebration

Looking for recipes to brighten up your Ostara celebration? Here are some favorite seasonal treats to prepare for the spring equinox sabbat!

Witchy Words: Ostara Gemstone Fortunes - How-to with Simple Gemstone Correspondence table inside!

One of my most popularly shared images from last year& Spring Equinox & Ostara ritual is the segment about my Ostara gemstone fortunes.

Secret Altars For Ostara

Secret Altars For Ostara

Ostara - altar topiary very beautiful, if a bit pink. :) I'd do a more rustic natural colour with mine. Green, moss, birch bark whites, stones pebbles etc.

Ostara Info & Rituals http://www.thewitchescollective.com/Newsletter/Ostara/Ostara2013.html

Just for this Ostara image, the site is not my cup of tea.

The Magick Kitchen - A Simple and Delicious Ostara Tea Menu

Vernal Equinox // Ostara // Easter - The Magick Kitchen - A Simple and Delicious Ostara Tea Menu