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Big Hero 6

Am i the only one that thinks that they look like the robots from the movie robots? Oh my gosh I just realized that!

Big Hero 6: How would you rate your pain? by behindinfinity.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt - Hiro, Tadashi, and Baymax from "Big Hero 6"; uploaded by the first. This is Part 1 of 2; also, just to be clear, Baymax is also played by a cosplayer here.

Part 1 of a photo sequence we did based on the scene where Hiro first meets Baymax! To answer a commonly-asked question: Baymax is a cosplayer, not a plushie or standee. It's a specially-mad.

My poor heart... (he was so precious) #BigHero6 #Tadashi #Hiro <- Please don't step on the pieces of my shattered heart, you might cut yourself.

Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.

(OH MY GOD YES) Hiro: *blushes like a tomato* I meant T-Tadashi..........n-not mom.......

Hiro: *blushes like a tomato* I meant T-Tadashi.n-not mom.<< That happened to me with a teacher ya I know oops

If hiro does not want to be there, I will be happy to trade places with him>>XD THATS FUNNY/AWESOME. So long as there aren't three more building fires.

I'm sorry, but this is the cutest thing ever and I am now a Tadashi-Honey Lemon shipper

Mary 🎄 Christmas ⛸ on

#BigHero6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 Loved it. Disney back on top. It had the something that Pixar seems to be loosing.

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Let’s Hear it For Aunt Cass, Summing up the Plight of Parenting in 43 Seconds!<<<I loved Aunt Cass

Haha I totally do this and I have NO FINALS to study for......I just stay up late reading when I should go to bed

LIFE HACK: Build a time portal so you don't have to finish finals!