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Yup they sure are;)

Zodiac Taurus Motto: “Show me love, I don’t want to hear it. I’m a visual learner.

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Taurus will be quick to estimate the potential usefulness of a person and will begin a steady campaign to enlist that friends trust and support If the friend fails to prove useful he is quietly dropped.

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I don't put stock in astrology but these definitely define my personality. Not sure about focusing on my own needs either.

So true to a T! We don't stoop down to ignorance, or insignificance. We will laugh, enjoy their immature stupidity and entertainment and walk away with a huge smile! MUUAAHH

No matter how badly people treat a Taurus, they will never stoop down to their level. A Taurus knows they are better than that & choose to walk away

The Bull, Taurus