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Reverse Falls and Harry Potter crossover by AriamJan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Reverse Falls and Harry Potter crossover (:Pacifica Northwest: GryffindorGideon Gleeful: HufflepuffDipper Mason Pines: SlytherinMabel Pines: Ravenclaw Reverse Falls and Harry Potter crossover

"In Our Bedroom After The War" - art piece by starfleetrambo on tumblr (Part 4)

Gravity falls <<< The darkness is filled with dread, but at least, the war is over (actual song lines btw).

Silent Hill & Gravity Falls. Possibly might be the best crossover ever. I love Gravity Falls and Silent Hill <3

Silent Hill and Gravity Falls crossover. Just imagine Dipper and pyramid head and Mabel and the killer nurse statutes (if they had a name.

Oh Aiden what have you done Dipper gonna kick you---- sorry for the language, it was just too good not to repin

Over protective Dipper. Seriously though he should really do what Dipper says because Dipper learned to shot a laser from Gruncle Ford and can and will kill this guy if given the chance. We all know Dipper would for his twin.