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Imagen de love

Imagen de love

Plaster bust and Zenny. Beautiful art

- 1 O 8 K - design slave ✨ - Zen thinking about Zen becoming a plastic bust Zen.

Time to reset and turn into a completonist to break everyone's heart including your own but you bear it all so you can know their stories better and slave away farming hourglasses and looking for working hacks and coming back to your bae who has patiently waited for you and will embrace you with open arms again after those grueling eleven days

Mystic Messenger, I just love how the color of the shine of their hair are different colors. I think that's a good pointer


I love that it is mostly Jumin lol. Can you draw Jumin wearing cat ears and eating fish shaped bread please? but I will feed him!

He's beauty he's grace

He's beauty he's grace<<< He will hold a cat up in your face

Saeyoung, saeran y Mc

I'm confused, do people three-way ship themselves with Saeyoung and Saeran?

batusawa: “ Jumin x Red MC (Fan art) Just a quick fan art of Mystic Messenger’s Jumin Han paired with the red-haired MC. I had an art block so I drew this because of a request :)) Visit my other.