My love stands. . . I don't care what someone says to me about this because their opinion will never matter to me, it's not their feelings it's mine! I am in deep true love that is so meaningful and honest with Ryan from La. and I can't and never will love someone else the way that I love him! Never in my entire life did I expect this, to fall in love. . . I miss you greatly and at least you know I love you - I so do! <3<3<3
Frases de la vida.
Amigos son ángeles
Why do you put up with me?
The kind of eyes you get lost in
i like this and find it incredibly self-deprecating at the same time....ah, nonetheless i shall pin thee!
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I remember that time when we were on the break and I resume my clubbing nights with my friends. Every song that I heard reminded me of him. It became so hard to have fun that I knew I have fallen in love.
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