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Combat boots and knit socks. Gotta buy the boots and knit the socks. It is now on my to do list

36 Pairs of Fun Socks to Make You Smile ...

fun colours and patterns. Knit socks want these to wear with my jeans and boots


Knee High Boot Socks Hand Knit Norwegian Design You Pick Color. so cute must have for winter!

Many great designs on this site.

Examples of Zentangle Project

I wear Toms all the time, in fact I've got tanline from it! I also really like henna. Henna patterned Toms, that I would wear all the time.

Farb-und Stilberatung mit www.farben-reich.com

How awesome are these embellished utilitarian style boots? Can't you just see the endless possibilities to making boring old boots amazingly cool and stylish! Think of how these boots would then make a casual ok outfit- so cool!