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About 20 miles from Disney’s Magic Kingdom sits another Florida kingdom , a 1928-built concrete block stucco mansion.

Khalil Bin Laden, brother of Al Qaeda mastermind Osama and one of 50 plus siblings of the terror chief, bought the palatial Florida mansion for his wife back in

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Back in early 2007 I discovered a true hidden gem in my own backyard. It seems that back in the late there was a notorious mafia Don that lived and worked out of a huge mansion in Davie,…

Mike Tyson's abandoned house - indoor pool

Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion--Why can't this be turned into a group home for troubled teens or for those being freed from human trafficking? Oh to hit the lottery and be able to do that!

This mansion in Hampole, near Doncaster, England, dubbed the 'doctor's house' by locals, is filled with old magazines and five vintage cars, rusting away.

Abandoned 'doctor's house' has five vintage cars in the garage

Who would live in a gothic manor like this? Mysterious abandoned 'doctor's house' has five vintage cars in the garage, yellowing copies of Which Car magazine littering the halls and swimming pool covered with moss

abandoned beach house at Romano Beach, Florida.

Abandoned Florida Beach House

Items untouched for almost 100 years were discovered amongst the 28 rooms in 18th Century mansion The Hermitage in Hexham, Northumberland

The house that time forgot: Hundreds of antiques discovered in country mansion where little has changed in 100 years

Items untouched for almost 100 years were discovered amongst the 28 rooms in Century mansion The Hermitage in Hexham, Northumberland.Wish I had found this awesome place

Abandoned Funeral Home

Decaying caskets sit in an abandoned funeral home in Jacksonville, Florida Photo credit: Abandoned South East Source: Daily Mail

The Remnants of Lands End, the mansion that inspired The Great Gatsby

Remnants of the now demolished Lands End, the Gold Coast Long Island mansion that inspired Daisy Buchanan's house in The Great Gatsby by F.

This abandoned mansion in Taichung, Taiwan, was reportedly once the resident of a poet and appears to be intact.

Abandoned Mansion in Taiwan

An Abandoned Mansion in Los Angeles Reflects a Decades-Old Murder Mystery

Abandoned Mansions: 10 Creepy Abandoned Mansions

The Los Feliz Murder Mansion in Los Angeles has been abandoned for more than 50 years. On December Dr. Harold Perelson bludgeoned his wife to death and attacked their daughter with a hammer. He then committed suicide by drinking acid.

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Why is this mansion abandoned? Instead of building new monstrosities with wasted floor space why not save these beautiful homes with character and move into them

Forget the Queen of Versailles' Biggest House in America.  Chateau Artisan, a secluded "castle" located in the Redland area of metro Miami, is surrounded by a moat -- and it can be yours for a cool $10.9 million.  The three-story, eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 19,222-square-foot chateau is surrounded by a private five-acre lake amid an additional 14 acres of land.

This Mansion Has A Moat. A MOAT!