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Want Your Kid to Be Successful? Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Says You Should Do This.

For an excellent ground beef casserole, try this Cowboy Tater Tot Casserole. It's got everything you love - tater tots, ground beef, corn, and cheese.

Learn to code with free online courses, programming projects, and interview preparation for developer jobs.

Free Code Camps - Learn to code and build projects for nonprofits. Build your full stack web development portfolio today.

Are you storytelling? Today's marketing revolves around engaging a fast-paced…

Are you storytelling? Today's marketing revolves around engaging a fast-paced, busy audience. Learn how to engage brilliantly with authentic stories.


Who cares if you sound crazy. A new study shows talking to yourself can boost your job performance.

Opioids, including heroin and prescription pain medications attach to opioid receptors on nerve cells in the body and the brain to produce pleasurable effects and pain relief.

Marijuana research is published almost daily dispelling the federal government's hyperbolic assertion that marijuana is a highly addictive substance, lacking in

What I Learned in 2016 that will guide my goals for 2017

The top of everyone’s list is being successful in life and professionally. In order to do something different, we have to examine where we have been in order to determine where we are going …

Yolanda Shields Shares with Head Middle Magnet Prep about Entrepreneurship

NASHVILLE, TN — Students from Head Middle Magnet Prep were introduced to entrepreneurship at a rally on May The event was led by YES Builds CEO Yolanda Shields and Dr.

Losing focus because of boredom - Getty Images | John Slater

5 Ways to Keep Studying Without Losing Focus

Portrait of schoolboy looking bored - John Slater/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Combinations of private, blended, and at-home schooling meet needs of individual students

* Micro-School * The Rise of AltSchool and Other Micro-schools: Combinations of private, blended, and at-home schooling meet needs of individual students : Education Next

Why The Stories You Tell Yourself Matter – The Secret Successful People Know

Why the stories you tell yourself matter – the secret people know - real success network

My Best Business Tools of 2017

My Best Business Tools of 2017

While working with clients at YESBUILDS these tools were great. They are also great for your business to help you stay organized, innovative and focused.

* Micro-School * The growth in the number of small, personalized, and more affordable "micro schools" is seen as the first innovation in the private school sector in decades.

Student Guide Kelley Gary, center, leads a group discussion at Acton Academy in Austin, Texas. Roughly 30 students make up the Middle School Studio, a one-room environment where students are self-directed in their academic progress.