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Brook: oh peter, don't think I don't know you have an "interest" in me. Peter: n-no I don't! Where would you get THAT from? Did someone tell you some thing? Brook: no. I can tell. Peter: how? Brook: how you look at me, make sure the boys don't go to hard on me and the way you talk to me. But peter you must know, I have some one special at home. *peter looks down and looks sad and then becomes angry and looks up.* peter: was that a threat? *brook can hear a hint of sadness in his voice*

I would smirk at him and go "Maybe," and make a really sassy exit then wait to see what he would do afterwards.

Oh i reposted it! Im scared! Nope! Youre coming now! XD my Christmas Present! :P

Uh oh my finger accidentally hit the repost button :O What ever am I going to do?