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Nighttime moody makeup - The Hottest Makeup Trends: 20 Great Tips, Tricks and Tutorials "The Stormy Eye"

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13 Makeup Tips -heat eyelash curler -DAB undereye concealer -mix moisturizer and concealer/foundation -colorless lipbalm w shimmer to inner bottom -don't pump mascara (dries) -store lqd liner upside down | Don't let sensitive skin stop you from applying makeup!

Natural Beet Root Lip & Cheek Stain

Love using color to create a half-smoky effect because it can truly enhance the shape and beauty of your eyes. Did you know about e.'s AMAZING range of shadows and formulas? You just can't beat the quality and price on this look.

Brown Smoky Eyes Get this look with Splurge Tenacious and Elegant, and Addiction Palette #1!

Eye makeup is very important. Eyes represent the entire character of anybody. Because eyes are the most substantial segment of our face. Eyes are classified as an entrance towards the heart and soul that demonstrate your internal natural beauty.

Contouring guide.

Highlights are bright and contours are dark. Use bronzer or darker eyeshadows (in the crease) to create depth or contour, and use illuminators, highlighting pencils, etc. to brighten up the face for the highlight areas. It will make a huge difference!

Flawless foundation coverage: changed up my make-up routine this morning and followed this.  My foundation looked great!

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makeup magic: MAKEUP TRICKS - Flawless, Airbrushed Looking Foundation I've been wondering what the beauty blender is for?