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Tener un buen arsenal de fuentes instaladas en el ordenador siempre está bien, nunca sabes para que las vas a necesitar y apenas ocupan, así que yo en esto soy muy Diógenes, y no paro de instalar, no

El poder de una buena fuente (Aubrey and Me)

Favourite free fonts of 2014 (a resource list) :: I especially like Farray and Canter

alex brush // alley cat // aracne ultra // amplify //dolce vita // halo handletter // heuristica //maratre... <3 calligraphy

fontsies // (RyleeBlake)

font - cursive for classical music concerts (opera, ballet, classical music) bold for headliners (broadway, big time singers/ musicians/ etc.) sharp for contemporary concerts (radio artists) times new roman or similar fonts for informational or articles

10 Whimsical Fonts | Free Hand-Written Script Fonts

10 Whimsical Fonts

10 Whimsical Fonts | Free Hand-Written Script Fonts

Fuentes gratis estilo caligráfico para eventos con encanto

Fuentes gratis Handmade para invitaciones

Fuentes gratis estilo “Handmade” para tus invitaciones (All Lovely Party

Hello friends! My most popular blog post to date is my ‘Free & Easy Gold Font Tutorial‘. I also get asked all the time on Tumblr about my fave fonts! About a year ago or so, I started collecting fonts

My Top Twenty Favorite Free Fonts (Mackenzie Kendall)

Free Fonts!

these are the sort of fonts id use for the cover and masthead because they are different and a bit edgy also quite bold which helps them to stand out.